Saturday, September 27, 2008

Floyd Dryden Technology Assessment

Over the last few weeks my counterparts and I have been exploring the technology resources available to us at FDMS. Dryden is a technologically well equipped school with a knowledgeable staff and helpful tech experts. The student population is, generally speaking, fairly tech savvy and with good reason. Dryden boasts:

  • Computers in each classroom
  • Smart boards available for check out
  • Schoolwide Internet access
  • Digital projectors and overheads in each room
  • A host of education related software
Floyd Dryden follows the Alaska Content Standards for Technology and digital technology is frequently incorporated into everyday classroom activities. Perhaps the most used piece of technology is the digital projector. This is an extremely versatile piece of equipment, capable of projecting videos, DVDs, computer based media, and anything else placed beneath it's camera. The Accelerated Reader program and STAR testing match students with books at their reading level. Students can then take online tests on tens of thousands of different books. This creates a student driven reading program and familiarizes students with basic computer use and web navigation.

Dryden staff emphasize the value of technology through its incorporation in lesson development and presentation. Though overt instruction in technology and its use are generally reserved for tech class, students are immersed in a technologically rich environment every day in their classes and there are opportunities to learn more about technology outside of class. To learn more, please consult my FDMS Technology Assessment.

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