Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Bicycling and Energy Conservation

A few weeks back I set out to determine how much gas, CO2, and money I could save by undertaking my weekly commute on two wheels instead of four. Though my commute is relatively short (about 25 miles), over time the results began to add up. In one year I would be able to:

  • cut my personal fuel consumption by around 3 barrels of oil
  • reduce my CO2 emissions by about 1200 pounds
  • save over $250 in gas money
If those numbers seem inconsequential, you should check out my presentation to see the collective difference a large number of people can make by taking small steps. In it I provide a step by step breakdown of how I calculated my human power energy savings as well as links to further resources and data. Some of the numbers get very large and I provide various juxtapositions to help put them in perspective. I hope you find it informative and maybe even a little inspirational. The little things really do add up.

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