Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My Philosophy of Education

For our technology class we created a video presentation of our philosophy of education. A lot of the current buzz in social studies education has to do with increasing the focus on critical thinking, research, and problem solving. I agree; my personal belief is that content must be both woven into a deeper understanding of the larger context and driven towards imaginative and analytical thought. You can watch my philosophy movie by clicking below.

For a list of images used in the presentation, click here.

I enjoyed the process of creating this video, technical issues notwithstanding. Having to trim down my philosophy to fit into around 90 seconds of audio really helped me think about what I value most in education. I was also encouraged by how easy it was to create a reasonably polished video, as this makes me think that such a project could be incorporated into a classroom setting with a little bit of planning and initiative. Having seen how well my students react to other projects involving technology, I feel like a video project would be a good way both to engage the students and to help them reach another level of technological literacy.

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